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​Our responsibility

​We care to share

At FIPROS, our business concept is built on the concept of shared economy. We care about our customers and want to be a reliable, trustworthy partner, ensuring mutual respect and a good balance in all business matters. We share our processing equipment and know-how, helping our customers to save investments and resources, whilst at the same time letting them benefit from our experiences and knowledge in producing efficiently and sustainably.

​​At FIPROS, we work systematically and purposefully to meet external and internal standards and the increasing expectations in producing goods and conducting business in a responsible way. We care about our responsibility, both as a contract manufacturing partner for our customers as well as a local workplace. And we are dedicated to running our business in a way that minimizes negative impacts and maximizes positive value for people, the environment, and the economy.

The United Nations have compiled 17 goals for governments, companies, organizations, and individuals to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. To guide us in in our mission, we have identified 3 of the Sustainable Development Goals, where we believe we can make the biggest impact

Regional responsibility

Whilst we are striving to minimize the negative social and environmental effects of our business, regionally as well as globally, we are at the same time realizing what opportunities we have as a company to make a positive impact for the people and the environment around us. FIPROS is firmly anchored in its local community. Located in the small town Sønderby on the island of Funen in Denmark, FIPROS is one of the most important employers in the area. FIPROS A/S, as well as the newly built production site for FIPROS Nutrition ApS, create employment for about 115 people from the region. We want to take responsibility for our employees and the citizens of the area and ensure a strong and credible image locally and regionally, as well as nationally and internationally, complying with all agreements, rules, and applicable legislations.

Sponsorships as a way to contribute to a better society

​FIPROS engages in and sponsors local activities such as sport clubs, local community events and celebrations as well as participating in the development of young people and supporting charity initiatives.


>> Read more about our current engagements in sponsoring local, national and international organisations.

For our People

Our employees are our greatest asset. Products of great quality, innovation and continuous improvement are only possible with the abilities and skills of our people. FIPROS puts special emphasis on securing a safe, healthy, friendly and motivating work environment with the possibility to constantly learn, develop and challenge yourself. Our strong base of numerous long-term employees demonstrates the high degree of employee loyalty and satisfaction.

At FIPROS, we offer our people...

  • continuous improvements in easing physical strains for our workers and ensuring ergonomically correct workstations.
  • frequent possibilities for further training and education and free access to a e-learning platform.
  • an international context with approximately 10 different nationalities.
  • language courses for our international colleagues.
  • physiotherapy on site.
  • a comprehensive health insurance program.
  • a good team spirit and trust amongst each other.
  • regular team events and celebrations.
  • fresh fruit and refreshments for all.


For our Local Community

FIPROS is located in the small town Sønderby on the island of Funen and is one of the most important employers in the area. FIPROS Nutrition ApS and its mother company FIPROS A/S, create employment for about 100 people from the region. FIPROS also engages in and sponsors local activities such as sport events and local celebrations, participates in the development of young people and supports charity initiatives.

At FIPROS, we...

  • create local employment.
  • offer young trainees’ apprenticeships in the field of production, maintenance, administration and IT.
  • work with wage subsidies and flex employees.
  • support local events, initiatives and sport clubs.
  • facilitate local activities such as school visits at our production site.
  • participate in initiatives such as “lead the talent” - were we help young graduate “talents” in getting started on the job market.
  • support diverse charity initiatives like the “Red barnet”, “Livredder” and "Danske Hospitalsklovne" .


For our Environment

It goes without saying that we must do our very best to work and produce in the most environment- and climate- friendly way possible. The way to perfection is long but by making small steps of improvement on a continuous basis we will eventually reach our goal of exclusively operating with highly efficient, energy and water saving equipment, reducing waste and CO2 emissions to a minimum and promoting sustainable packaging.

Currently, FIPROS already…

  • has a brand new state of the art production site that uses gravity as a means of transportation - considerably decreasing energy consumption
  • is constantly optimising and modernising its prodcution processes in order to increase efficiency.
  • has implemented a digital tool for order, production and freight processing, considerably decreasing the use of paper.
  • sources locally wherever possible.
  • is a partner for numerous organic/sustainable food companies thus indirectly promoting organic/ sustainable agriculture.

FIPROS Nutrition ApS, a sister company of FIPROS A/S, was opened in May 2020 for the blending and packing of premium powder products, including conventional and organic stage 1 to 3 infant-, toddler- family- and other nutritional powders and specialties.

Benefiting from our many years of experience in contract manufacturing, we offer state of the art equipment, a digitalized production system using the latest robot technology, maximum food safety, and an outstanding hygiene concept that allows for 100 percent line clearance. Our modern, sustainable production concept uses gravity as a means of material transportation, thereby securing an effective, gentle, and resource-saving production flow and considerably decreasing the use of energy.

FIPROS Nutrition also offers recipes for private label productions. FIPROS does not market any own products or otherwise engage in product development, thus guaranteeing a hundred percent confidentiality regarding recipes and product features. 

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FIPROS Nutrition ApS 

Rybergsvej 1, DK-5631 Ebberup 

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