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​As a corporate sponsor, FIPROS supports several selected associations and organizations in the region as well as on a national level. With our sponsorships, we want to contribute to the maintenance and development of local clubs and the social cohesion of the area and support young people in their personal development. We also want to use our possibilities as a company to contribute to some selected national projects that serve our society and where we believe we can make a real difference.

Below you can find a list of our current sponsorships.


Break Cancer

Knæk Cancer (Break Cancer) ​is Denmark's largest effort against cancer, where TV2 and Kræftens Bekæmpelse (Danish Cancer Society) jointly unite the Danes so that we can get rid of this serious disease. The money raised is used by Kræftens Bekæmpelse (Danish Cancer Society) to work through research, patient support and prevention so that fewer people get cancer, and that more people survive and have a better life after cancer.

Read more about the initiative on knaek.cancer.dk

Danish Hospital Clowns​

​Danish Hospital Clowns support hospitalized children and their families. They work to strengthen the children’s joy of life and courage, so that they can better cope with the course of their illness. Danish Hospital Clowns meet and recognize the child where it is. In the anxiety, in the joy, and in the boredom.

Read more about Danish Hospital Clowns on danskehospitalsklovne.dk.

Heart starter

By sponsoring a defibrillator, FIPROS helps the local area and saves lives by making sure that a well-functioning defibrillator is available at public places. Cardiac arrest can affect all of us, which is why it is important that first-aid is available for those in an emergancy.

Read more about the initivative on hjertestartnu.dk.

Save the Children

Save the Children works to give children a better life in Denmark and in the rest of the world. They rescue, protect and strengthen children, and fight for their rights to be respected. The organisation helps children before, during and after disasters and conflicts, move out with food, water and medicine and create child-friendly areas in refugee camps.

Read more about Save the Children on redbarnet.dk

​FEH Football

FEH Football is a collaboration of West Funen based youth football clubs from Flemløse, Ebberup and Haarby. The collaboration helps to ensure both the survival and a continued development of grassroots football for children and young people in the West Funen area.

Read more about FEH Football on FEH Fodbold.

Lead the Talent

The consulting agency "Lead The Talent" builds a bridge between young talents and companies like FIPROS. It offers a talent development course, where teams of 4-5 talents solve a case for a company. The course is run in collaboration with municipalities and job centers and creates a good synergy and a possible connection between unemployed academics and the business community.

Read more about this project on leadthetalent.dk

FIPROS Nutrition ApS, a sister company of FIPROS A/S, was opened in May 2020 for the blending and packing of premium powder products, including conventional and organic stage 1 to 3 infant-, toddler- family- and other nutritional powders and specialties.

Benefiting from our many years of experience in contract manufacturing, we offer state of the art equipment, a digitalized production system using the latest robot technology, maximum food safety, and an outstanding hygiene concept that allows for 100 percent line clearance. Our modern, sustainable production concept uses gravity as a means of material transportation, thereby securing an effective, gentle, and resource-saving production flow and considerably decreasing the use of energy.

FIPROS Nutrition also offers recipes for private label productions. FIPROS does not market any own products or otherwise engage in product development, thus guaranteeing a hundred percent confidentiality regarding recipes and product features. 

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FIPROS Nutrition ApS 

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