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Food safety

​At FIPROS Nutrition we guarantee highest food safety and hygiene standards throughout the entire production process. Besides complying to all rules and regulations, we are trying to go the extra mile, offering additional safety and transparency precautions. Four hygiene zones, an advanced sluice system, separated visitor walkways, digitalization and automized robot technology, HACCP analysis and especially appointed operators build the cornerstones of our advanced production system.

Thought-through cleaning concept​

All machinery is cleaned by applying dry cleaning, ensuring a hundred percent line clearance . Our systematically trained operators hold an official Hygiene Certificate for the general understanding of hygiene and food safety and in applying the most appropriate checks, cleaning measures and tools. A comprehensive monitoring program ensures the frequent check of air and surfaces (interior and exterior of equipment plus floors, walls, lifts etc​). 

Hygiene Zones

Our well-designed hygiene zoning program, with four hygiene zones, make sure that the product is protected throughout the entire production process.

Unclassified - green (administration, staff facilities and visitor walkways):

No hygiene barriers, temperature control or dressing requirements.

Zone 0 -  light green/ turquoise (Locker room, cartoning/palletizing, warehouse)

Limited hygiene demands, restricted access, no temperature control, change to working clothes.

Zone 1 - yellow (Production area with handling of empty packaging and raw material in unopened packaging)

Medio hygiene demands, controlled access, 1-2 air shifts an hour, max 60 % RH, 

20-25 ° C, access through one sluice, white clothes.

Zone 2 - red  (Production area with handling of raw material in open system)

High hygiene demands, controlled access, 12 air shifts an hour, emptying station: Max 35% RH, 

20-25 ° C, Filling line: Max 50% RH, 20-25 ° C, access through two sluices, white clothes plus coverall.

Sluices - purple (all transitions from zone 0 <>1 <> 2)

​HACCP analysis​​

The risk analysis of the production process is based on HACCP-principles (Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points), where all potential physical, chemical and microbiological contamination risks are identified and assessed based on impact/likelihood regarding food safety. The subsequent HACCP-plan contains the overview of CCP’s (Critical Control Points) and the related measures plus verification and validation of the process being in control (for example UV-sterilization, blending time/speed, metal separation). Likewise all oPRP’s (operational Prerequisite Program) are identified and their functionality logged (for example aeration of empty cans, sieve, magnet, oxygen level). The basic conditions and environment for hygienic production of safe food products are defined by a significant number of PRP’s (Prerequisite program), for example building lay-out, design of equipment, hygiene training, cleaning and pest control.

​Hygiene Sluices

​Our advanced sluice system enables safe transition of empty cans, raw materials, people and items from one zone to another.

  • People enter the production zone through “CleanAccess”, where they are cleaned by air pressure with an impact of 20 m/s for 25 seconds.

  • Items, such as mobile phones, enter through a “CleanBox”, which offers a UVC disinfection rate of 750 J/m 2 for 120 seconds.

  • Raw materials go through “Clean Cargo”, where they are cleaned by air impact of 25 m/seconds and UVC disinfected with a rate 750 J/m 2 for 11 minutes.

  • Empty packaging is also UV disinfected with a rate for Sakazakii. 

Watch the video: "How does FIPROS use hygienes sluices for ​optimal food safety"

Quality Control Plan

​Risk-based quality control plans with defined sampling schedules and tests are in place for all raw materials, intermediate and finished products as well as the cans used in the filling process.

Access control and hygiene procedures

The acces to the production facility from the outside and between the different production areas inside the factory is only possible using a key tag, which makes it possible to create a surveillance log of the traffic through all access points. Furthermore, all employees must undergo the following procedure when entering the production areas:

  • Take off all jewelry​
  • Put on clothes and shoes depending on regulation of the specific hygiene zone

  • Wash hands thoroughly
  • Disinfect hands
  • Enter through sluice

Watch the video: "Access and hygiene procedures at FIPROS Nutrtition"​

​Digitalised documentation

​​​An advanced digital system with employee specific tablets ensures documentation of all preparational and production steps and allows for continuous process control and end-to-end traceability in compliance with current food standards and regulations.

Visitors walkway​

​A very special feature of our brand-new factory is the open view to the production areas for our visitors, that can be found on each production floor. On the first floor we even have a visitor walkway with a view to both the filling and packing process. Big observation windows make it possible for visitors to follow every step of the production process without having to enter the production rooms, and thereby compromising the hygiene restrictions. The production area can be viewed at any time from comfortable lounge area, meeting- and office rooms.

Watch the video "Office design with observation windows to the production floors"​


​We are authorized by the Danish Veterinary and Food Authorization (Number 6568) and certified according to FSSC 22000 (includes HACCP) and GACC. We also have the possibility to produce organic certified products. Based on our implemented, certified quality procedures we guarantee compliance to customers recipes. Compliance to specification and declaration is ensured through the proper selection of raw materials from approved suppliers.

All certificates can be found here.​

FIPROS Nutrition ApS, a sister company of FIPROS A/S, was opened in May 2020 for the blending and packing of premium powder products, including conventional and organic stage 1 to 3 infant-, toddler- family- and other nutritional powders and specialties.

Benefiting from our many years of experience in contract manufacturing, we offer state of the art equipment, a digitalized production system using the latest robot technology, maximum food safety, and an outstanding hygiene concept that allows for 100 percent line clearance. Our modern, sustainable production concept uses gravity as a means of material transportation, thereby securing an effective, gentle, and resource-saving production flow and considerably decreasing the use of energy.

FIPROS Nutrition also offers recipes for private label productions. FIPROS does not market any own products or otherwise engage in product development, thus guaranteeing a hundred percent confidentiality regarding recipes and product features. 

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FIPROS Nutrition ApS 

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