24 August 2023

Even more flexibility with our new labelling and lid options

Offering our customers flexible and innovative solutions that on top of that make our production system more sustainable, lies in our DNA. That is why we always work on finding new, innovative ways of doing things.


Labelling 1
Snapcats Overview Square
Metal Lid 1

One of our newest additions at FIPROS Nutrition is a labelling machine, that now enables us to apply our customers design work onto the cans by means of labels. This creates great flexibility to process also smaller volumes and makes it possible to easily adjust the labels to different language or design versions. Unlike the pre-printed cans, there is no MOQ for plain cans, so we only use the cans our customers really need and prevent waste of packaging material.

We have also been working intensively on finding a more sustainable alternative to the plastic spoon caps we are using for our cans at FIPROS Nutrition. Today we are happy to announce that we can now offer caps made of metal instead of plastic. This revolutionary new metal cap does not only look good on the can, but it is also more environmentally friendly than the plastic cap and allows for easier re-closing and the use of flexible spoon sizes. A win-win in all aspects.

And if you are looking for a more basic solution, FIPROS Nutrition does now also offer snap-caps.

Whether your focus is on the safety of the spoon caps, the sustainability of the metal lid, or the economical price of the snap-cap – we are here to help you find the right solution for you.