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A sustainable, simple and robust process flow

Our production facility is built in such a way, that it uses gravity as a means of material transportation.

On the top production floor, our emptying area, all required ingredients are emptied into the emptying hopper.

From there, the product flows downwards, using gravity, into the blenders on the middle production floor.

After the blending process, the product further moves downwards to our packaging area on the lower production floor.

A simple process that enables a very gentle handling of the product with no impact on particle size and functionality, and considerable energy savings.

Emptying Area

Top production floor: Emptying area

  • Emptying of bigbags (weighing cells)
  • Sieving of product (1 – 3 mm)
  • Adding small ingredients (weighing)
  • Magnet detection (12000 gauss)
Mixing Area2

Middle production floor: Blending and process control

Ruberg precision batch blender
  • Very gentle blending of raw materials
  • Homogenous blend in only 90 seconds
  • Blends quantities from 2 to circa 7,5 tons
  • Blending ratio 1:100,00
  • Extremely intensive dispersion of fine powders
  • Control of mixing time and speed
Filling Area2

Lower production floor: Can filling and packing

Jorgensen Engineering packaging line 
  • Runs cans of Ø99 mm and Ø127 mm
  • Aeration and UV-treatment of empty cans and lids
  • Vision control of cans and prints (automated reject)
  • Metalseparator
  • ​Very accurate weighing (automated reject)
  • 0,4 % oxygen content in cans possible, typically 2-3 %
  • Vision check of print
  • Spoon caps to avoid direct contact to product


let's eco is a Danish supplier of organic mik powder for children and aims at accelerating the consumption of organic cow milk from Denmark.


Holle has been a pioneer of biodynamic baby products since 1934 and offers baby food of the highest organic quality. 



The Pure Goat Company offers infant formulas based on organic, full-cream goats milk.


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